Compliments and Complaints

All users of Services from MPA Enterprises Ltd have the right to expect a service which abides by their Terms and Conditions.

As a company we strive to do our best to ensure everyone is happy.  However, at times we acknowledge sometimes things may not always be what is expected. 

We love our staff and feel they honestly do try to give their best to ensure our customers receive the best. If you think so too then spread the joy. 



Everyone loves to be told when they are getting things spot on. We are proud to say that for most of our customers this is the case. Please let us know if you are happy with us or a particular staff member. 

Sadly so many people are quick to tell people/companies when they are unhappy but not so quick to sing praises. Lets spread the joy people.

Compliments are a great boost to individuals and the team as a whole. Please send your happy thoughts to us by any of the methods below or come in, have a drink and a chat. 


All users have the right to express any grievance they may have and in return receive a full written explanation and what steps, if required, are being taken to rectify the problem.

We aim to answer all grievances within a week of receipt.

If for whatever reason you are dissatisfied with the service we provide please contact us and express your grievance by one of the methods below.


7 Eldon Way Hockley Essex SS5 4AD



01702 202318




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