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MPA Defence Industries Ltd

MPA Defence Industries Ltd is our engineering arm.  We provide servicing, custom engineering, custom builds, upgrades and guaranteed repairs.

We specialize in improving accuracy and range of sniper rifles, assault rifles, pistols and support weapons. Currently, we only accept weapons that are dropped off and collected in person. We will evaluate the work required and give you an estimate of cost. If we cannot repair the item we do not charge.

To date, we have built a number of extremely successful custom rifles and pistols for some very happy customers. 

Everything we build is thoroughly tested and guaranteed.

We are pleased to announce we are now able to engrave your weapons and parts. Personalise your rifles and pistols with quotes or pictures.

We are also able to provide CNC milled out patterns to lighten slides or just provide a decorative touch.

Blessed be God Cross
Cuatom Glock
The Devils Rights Hand
Card Suits Slide Cut Out


7 Eldon Way Hockley Essex SS5 4AD



01702 202318



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