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Airsoft Pro Double Lever Hop Up Chamber for VSR-10, BAR-10, CM.701, MB02,03 Gen.2

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This is a second generation hop unit and requires a custom cylinder head which is included in the set. This units full metal CNC construction gives better durability and helps improve power stability and accuracy.

This hop unit is designed to use AEG buckings and barrels. these are sold separately. The hop unit has two arms which allow the user to adjust the flight of the BB more accurately any left or right bias can be tuned out.

Hop adjustment is accessed through the mag well.

  • CNC aluminium alloy 6061- T6 with red anodized finish.
  • Require to use standard AEG barrel.  (Original barrel cannot be used!)
  • Require to use standard AEG HopUp bucking.  (Original bucking cannot be used!)
  • Increased size of the internal O- ring for maximum sealing and better durability.
  • Two metal pressure arms which allow side trajectory adjustment.
  • Centring ring for good alignment of the barrel.
  • Two rubber pads between chamber and cylinder head. This reduces barrel vibrations and improves accuracy.
  • New double seal stainless steel cylinder head in the packing.
  • Adjusting by 1,5mm hex key in the packing.
  • Redesigned body, larger screws for barrel mount.
  • Larger o-rings for main levers force.
  • Improved BB feeding.

Chamber is compatible with these models:

  • Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Pro (barrel 430mm)
  • Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-SPEC (barrel 303mm)
  • Jing Gong (JG Works) BAR-10 Pro(barrel 430mm)
  • Jing Gong (JG Works) BAR-10 G-SPEC(barrel 303mm)
  • Well MB02(barrel 320mm)
  • Well MB03(barrel 510mm)
  • CYMA CM.701(barrel 430mm)

Chamber outer diameter is 26,5mm so it is not possible to fit it into Well MB07,09,10,11,12. Also not compatible with the Marui AWS or Well MB44xx series.


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