ASTER V2 SE with Quantum Trigger V2 Rear Wired (Basic Edition)

£79.99 inc VAT

ASTER V2 SE raises the price-performance ratio, included in the set is a Quantum Trigger (colour and style are random) and new functions programmable via a trigger. Now, you can set sensitivity out of the box from ludicrous ‘touch’ through ‘hair’ to full movement. Improved programming via trigger gives you new settings like automatical pre-cocking (LOW, MID, HIGH), trigger sensitivity adjustment, active brake settings with top-class adaptive mode and a new SAFE – SEMI – BINARY selector mode. Calibration, and DTC codes – all available just via trigger and selector movement. Additionally, you get brushless motor support and a new noise-resistant trigger detection algorithm. ASTER’s smart fuse protects your AEG’s battery, motor and controller, even in case of reverse battery connection. This feature, along with the optical sensors, makes ASTER SE one of the most durable ETUs on the market.


ASTER is not just regular ETU/EFCS MOSFET. It is the complex system that turns your AEG into a future-proof advanced training system. You choose how to configure ASTER – simply via trigger or through USB-Link / Blu-Link and our advanced GCS App. You can ask your technician or borrow from a friend who has the USB-Link or Blu-Link and use the GCS app to update ASTERs firmware, carry out diagnostics or change settings in a very convenient way. If you like it you can get your own Blu-Link and use the Smartwatch app, giving you real-time data to reinforce your tactical decisions.

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  • Support for high-tuned AEGs
  • Conformal coating (Military Specification MIL-V-173C) – resistance to atmospheric conditions



Supply Voltage Range

3.75-12.9 V (1.2V during the shot)

Current Consumption

23 mA

26 mA

Low Power Mode

288 µA

285 µA

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)

43.8 mm x 28.7 mm x 7.2 mm

73.5 mm x 24 mm x 12.5 mm

Finished Product Weight

22.25 g

26 g

Operating Temperature Range

min. -15°C max. + 50°C

Relative Humidity

≤ 80%

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