BBs Tracer 0.25g Specna Arms EDGE ™ 4000 pcs – Red

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Discover the pinnacle of airsoft ammunition with Specna Arms® EDGE™ series precision BBs, expertly crafted by the renowned Taiwanese BLS brand. With a precise diameter of 5.95 mm and weight consistency within 0.01 g, these BBs are designed for unparalleled accuracy. The meticulous final polish and special friction-reducing coating ensure flawless performance in tuned replicas with precision barrels. Embodying perfection in spherical form, these BBs offer exceptional shot repeatability, making them the ultimate choice for airsoft enthusiasts seeking the best in quality and performance.

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Specna Arms® is proud to present its precision BBs from the esteemed EDGE™ series, a collection known for its premium quality ammunition tailored for airsoft replicas. These precision BBs are the product of a meticulous manufacturing process undertaken by the renowned Taiwanese BLS brand, experts in the field of precision BBs. The comprehensive range offered by Specna Arms® ensures that airsoft enthusiasts have access to the highest standard of ammunition for their gaming needs.

The BBs in the EDGE™ series boast a precise diameter of 5.95 mm, with a minimal margin of error of +/- 0.005mm. The weight variance among these BBs is kept below 0.01 g, making them an ideal choice for tuned replicas that feature precision barrels. This level of uniformity guarantees that each shot is as accurate as the last, providing players with a competitive edge.

In the final stages of production, each BB undergoes a rigorous polishing process, achieving a mirror-like finish. Following this, a specialised coating is applied to reduce friction, ensuring seamless interaction with precision barrels and enhancing compatibility with Hop-Up bucking. This meticulous attention to detail results in BBs that perform exceptionally well, shot after shot.

The EDGE™ series BBs exemplify perfection in spherical form, free from any imperfections. The precision in manufacturing allows for a well-distributed centre of gravity and the absence of internal air chambers, facilitating outstanding shot repeatability. With full control over the manufacturing process, Specna Arms® guarantees BBs that meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

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