Bright Barrel ReturneR 6.05 Precision Barrel – 141 mm

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Bright Barrel ReturneR 6.05 Precision Barrel – 141 mm

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Bright Barrel ReturneR 6.05 Precision Barrel – 141 mm

EG Barrel series precision barrels by Prometheus are compatible with a majority of replicas using internal barrel in AEG replica standard.

Barrels from this series are considered to be one of the best precision barrels on the market. This is due to the barrels having a low deviation regarding calibre differences on the inside of the barrel and undergoing rigorous quality assurance. Barrels are made in Japan and are manufactured in a very precise way from brass.

Prometheus barrels are also much more even, stable and definitely more straight on the inside than a majority of other products available on the market.

We recommend using precision barrels only with precision BBs for peak performance.

1 x Bright Barrel