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  • The chamber is made of highly durable aircraft aluminium (Dural) 6061-T6 with an anodized red surface on CNC machines.
  • The hop-up lever is also produced on CNC machines and is equipped with a return spring for a more reliable function.
  • The hop-up lever has a longer groove and allows longer movement of the plastic adjustment rod.
  • There are two rubber stops between the chamber and the cylinder head that dampen shocks, reduce barrel vibrations and thereby improve shooting accuracy.
  • The centring ring for easy assembly/disassembly and good axial barrel guiding is included.

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The third generation of AirsoftPro Hop-Up chamber for Snow Wolf M24and CYMA 702  manual sniper rifles. It’s made entirely from one piece of 6061-T6 aluminium alloy with a red anodised finish. This material excels in high strength, yet it’s lightweight. The weight of the whole chamber is only 29 g. It’s not a re-branded product of another manufacturer. The chamber was manufactured on top quality CNC machines. A quality chamber is an important prerequisite for stable and high performance of the weapon. Only the metal chambers provide the highest production accuracy without inaccuracies and burrs.


The adjustment of the chamber is no longer complicated by using an Allen key through the magazine shaft. Now it’s possible to use the plastic adjustment rods from the original hop-up chamber. They’re fully compatible and allow convenient regulation. The hop-up lever is made of metal and has a longer working move than the original chamber. The adjustment is thus more sensitive with a wider range. A screw with o-ring is included – it can be exchanged for a grub screw securing the barrel (leading through the original plastic hop-up rod) for better tightening and restricting the movement of the rod during shooting.


This AirsoftPro chamber offers many advantages compared to the original cast chamber. First of all, it’s excellent sealing and the manufacturing of the chamber, ie. high potential for performance increase. Another great advantage is the possibility to use the chamber with original Snow Wolf / CYMA barrels and buckings and also with AEG barrels and buckings. You can decide whether to use the chamber with the original barrel or to invest also in the AEG barrel.

The AEG adaptor, which allows the use of the AEG barrel, replaces the o-ring from previous generations of chambers. It’s specially shaped to minimize air loss and provide the best possible seal.