Cobra Low-Profile Protective Goggles

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– excellent field of view
– very elastic PP/TPR frame
– adjustable strap
– lenses with PLATINUM coating that prevents scratches and misting over of the goggles.
– exchangeable lenses
– waterproof frame
– compact size, lightweight and panoramic field of view

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The goggles provide protection against particle with high temperature moving at high speed. They can endure an impact of 6 mm BBs weighing 0.86 g and moving at a speed of 120 m/s – such level of mechanical durability of the lenses allows to safeguard eyes against fragments, ricochet and other incoming objects.

Optic class 1 means that goggles can be used for an entire day and put no strain on the user’s eyes.

The “Platinum” coating is a fixed, not removable layer on both sides of the lenses and provides them with high resistance to scratching (1.4 cd / m2), effects of chemical agents and significantly slows down and makes it more difficult for glasses to mist over.