Complete Reinforced Gearbox V2 with Micro-Contact (Rear-Wired)

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Complete Reinforced Gearbox V2 with Micro-Contact (Rear-Wired) 

A complete, reinforced gearbox version 2 dedicated for M4 / M16 replicas. It is an ideal solution for people wanting to purchase a good-quality gearbox at a reasonable price. The frame has been adapted for use with 8 mm slide bearings and thanks to the construction reinforced at the most vulnerable spots it can be used in combination with more powerful springs. The gearbox features a quick spring change system compatible with CORE and ONE series replicas by Specna Arms. 

The Enter & Convert system enables a rapid and quick adaptation of the power of the replica to conditions expected on the airsoft playing field without the necessity to disassemble the entire gearbox and therefore having the access to a workshop or a set of special tools. Once the gearbox has been taken out of the replica’s body, the process of spring change lasts literally mere seconds. The spring along with the guide needs to be taken out through the opening in the rear wall of the frame.

Following parts are included inside: reinforced 18:1 steel gears; an m110 spring; a lightweight, polymer piston with a steel, last tooth; a polymer, air-sealed piston head; a cylinder head with a soft dampener; an aluminium, type 0 cylinder; a polymer nozzle and a spring guide. The exchanged configuration can generate a muzzle velocity of 400 – 420 FPS, depending on the replica. 

The characteristic feature of this frame is that it is adapted for the included in the set micro-contact instead of classic, typically-used plates, which significantly improves their trigger reaction and extends the lifetime of LiPo batteries. 

This version is rear-wired.

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