Flip up Airsoft Sight Lens Protector, with Alloy Mount for 20mm RIS / RAS Rail

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Flip up airsoft sight / lens protector, with alloy base mount for 20mm RIS / RAS rail. Will fit most airsoft weapons. This pack includes two lens shields; 1 x clear for any occasion and 1 x yellow for low-light environments. The sight protector is easy to install onto a rail and secure once in place. The shield folds down to enable access to the scope, without the need of removing the whole assembly.

The protector shields are not impervious to breakage but will save you the cost of a new sight. We recommend the replacement shields made by Malmr Ltd to replace your broken shields when necessary. These are simple and easy to exchange using the Allen Key provided in this original set.

There is a protective coating on the lens shields which needs to be removed before use. This helps protect the shields from scratched during transit.

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