ASTER V2 Module Set (Rear Wired) BASIC

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Aster Features:
– Trigger sensitivity adjustment
– Full compatibility with popular gearboxes available on the market
– Support for all kinds of gears
– Programmable using the trigger
– Various modes of fire mode programming (burst, semi, auto, etc.)
– Pre-cocking
– Fire rate adjustment
– Notifies about a low battery level
– Protects battery from damage
– “Sniper delay”

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ASTER V2 Module Set (Rear Wired) BASIC

Aster is a “younger brother” of the advanced Titan module. It was designed for the highest quality and reliability whilst retaining an attractive price. The module is intended for the tuning of replicas featuring gearbox V2 – for tuned and stock replicas alike!

Aster Controller Module Set Includes:

– the module
– assembly kit
– GATE ASTER patch

A more comprehensive description of Aster controller:

Five sensors allow controlling the trigger sensitivity. There is no need to disassemble the replica, all that is necessary is to use a USB-Link, BLU-Link or GATE™ control station app. It will allow adapting the replica to the skills and individual preferences of the User.

Two sensors can be programmed in three ways to select one of 6 functions:
– SAFE-SEMI-BURST*/AUTO (short squeeze-and-hold – BURST, long trigger squeeze-and-hold AUTO)
– SAFE-BURST*-AUTO (SAFE via a rapid mode selection, when: SAFE-SEMI-SAFE)
*BURST means firing a series of rounds.

PRE-COCKING (Gen. 1.5)
Winning a duel often depends on fractions of a second, that is why thanks to pre-cocking the trigger reacts with a speed that can be compared to that of a real firearm. The spring is pulled beforehand, so at the same time, we caution that usage of this mode with powerful springs will lead to faster wear of internal parts of a replica.
There are two modes of PRE-COCKING function:
1. AUTO – the spring is pulled after every shot
2. SMART – the spring is pulled in advance by a slow squeeze of the trigger and a shot is fired by a rapid squeeze.
Three modes of operation can be programmed for PRE-COCKING: HIGH / MID / LOW – each regulates the spring sprain at different levels

This allows you to reduce the rate of fire of the replica. This allows the use of more powerful Li-Po batteries while still maintaining a rate of fire similar to real firearms.

This function allows setting a delay between every shot in SEMI mode in order to simulate reload delay or recoil compensation. It is possible to set the following delay: 0.5 s, 1.0 s, 2.0 s and 3.0 s.


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