Gate Blue Link

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Key features

  • Bluetooth® adapter – adds Bluetooth® function to TITAN and ASTER
  • Wireless connection between GATE ETU and compatible GATE devices – enables connecting ASTER or TITAN with other elements of the GATE ecosystem (e.g., future GATE STATUS)
  • Compatibility with GCS App for iOS, Android and later this year, also Windows/macOS
  • Option to switch between data transfer and firing mode from the app level
  • Additional configurable smart fuse (UVP, SCP, OCP, OTP)  protects the battery in case of short-circuiting wires between Blu-Link and TITAN or ASTER or another system failure. It provides under-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection
  • Multifunctional wattmeter allowing for, e.g., reading telemetry data
  • Conformal coating (Military Specification MIL-V-173C)


  • Designed to consume very little power
  • Full mobility – no cables needed to connect with the GCS App and forthcoming STATUS
  • In the data transfer mode, it allows for programming, changing settings and updating TITAN and ASTER firmware via GCS App
  • Can be plugged between the ETU and the battery through the entire skirmish – no need to detach the battery for configuration or to check the Statistics (contrary to the USB-Link)

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USB-Link vs. Blu-Link

USB-Link Blu-Link
No need to disconnect the battery during a skirmish or for programming
Wirelessness (Bluetooth®)
Full mobility
Connection with other GATE ecosystem elements