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Designed specifically for Version 2 gearboxes, this high quality polycarbonate tappet plate is a must have upgrade for shot consistency, reliability and desirable for anyone looking to build a higher FPS or crazy rate of fire Airsoft AEG. Compatible with a wide range of guns that share a Version 2 gearbox, this tappet plate has very little flex which results in a smoother and more consistent shot for shot average. Favoured highly by gun modders who like a consistent AEG and a tappet plate that will not snap under pressure for some very highly tuned and correctly set up Airsoft rifles.


  • High quality polycarbonate construction
  • For version 2 gearboxes
  • Incredibly strong and durable
  • Very little flex making it ideal for high FPS and high rate of fire builds
  • Prolong the life and consistency of your nozzle
  • Smooth action providing the rest of your gearbox is clean and tuned up properly

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