CYMA Hi-Cap Magazine for G36 Replica – 450rnd

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CYMA Hi-Cap Magazine for G36 Replicas – 450rnd Fits CYMA, Specna Arms and g36 replicas from many other manufacturers.

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Remember! In order to maintain failure-free and trouble-free operation of mid-cap magazines, you should follow a few simple rules:

1. When using new magazines for the first time, do not fill them immediately.
2. First, lubricate the magazine with a small amount of silicone oil, then:
– Load the magazine with 10 balls, then release the lock and remove them all.
– Load the magazine with 20 BBs, then release the lock and remove them all.
– Repeat this action, gradually increasing the number of BBs until the full magazine capacity is reached. And then repeat the entire process a few more times.
3. Note – when the magazines are not used, do not leave them loaded! This leads to faster wear of the spring and the entire magazine.