Hi-Capa 5.1 Dragon Maple Leaf pistol

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Factory fitted with a Maple Leaf hop unit, 6.02 barrel and 60 ° bucking superior accuracy without the need for tuning.

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The replica is made out of metal and plastic. The pistol grip, the magazine release and some elements of the internal mechanism are made of plastic. The remaining elements are made of metal, which gives the replica a realistic feel and durability. The metal slide and a perfect fit ensure a long and hassle-free usage of the gun.

The replica is very well balanced. The Blow-Back system adds realism to the shooting, and an efficient slide-catch will lock the slide in the rear position after the last pellet is fired from the magazine.

The model has two safety catches, securing the pistol against accidental discharge, the classic safety lever type, and the beavertail on the rear part of the pistol grip. This beavertail requires an appropriate grip in order to shoot the weapon. The slide has notches to improve grip when reloading and reduce its weight. The rear sight is adjustable.

This version has a standard 6.02 mm precision barrel, a Hop-Up 60 ° bucking and a complete Hop-Up chamber provided by Maple Leaf – known for its high-quality products for GBB replicas. The use of such parts in the stock makes the replica ready for use without the need for tuning.

The magazine is made of metal and can hold 30 BBs.

In order to purchase realistic imitation firearms, under UK Law, you must provide a legal defence as set by the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006.

By ordering items which fall under this legislation you accept and agree to provide accurate information regarding your own name, date of birth, address and membership number/UKARA/BAC details and name of site or club where you legally use your airsoft weapons.

Please note we still reserve the right to contact you for further proof should we need it. We reserve the right to refuse/cancel orders we feel may not be compliant with UK law.

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