Malmr M110 AEG Springs

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A high-quality

M110 AEG Springs

which gave an average of 340 fps when tested in a range of airsoft rifles from various manufacturers. Manufactured in the UK to exacting standards and coated with bright zink to prevent oxidization this spring will enhance your airsoft rifle’s performance. Each spring in the Malmr range is measured against the springs above and below to give a progressive range of power increments.

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Introducing Malmr M110 AEG Springs: Elevate your Airsoft Experience with Precision and Power!


M110 AEG Springs

Are you in search of the ultimate M110 AEG Springs to enhance the performance of your Airsoft weapon? Look no further than Malmr brand Airsoft springs, meticulously crafted in the UK using top-notch British standard high carbon spring steel. We’ve poured our expertise into designing a product that not only promises unparalleled power and accuracy but also ensures long-lasting durability.


  • Premium Craftsmanship:

    Malmr AEG Springs are meticulously manufactured in the UK with precision and care, using British standard high-carbon spring steel. This ensures superior performance and longevity for your Airsoft weapon.

  • Corrosion Resistance:

    Each Malmr spring receives a coat of bright zinc, providing a robust shield against corrosion. You can rest easy knowing your investment is protected, enabling your weapon to maintain its optimal performance over time.

  • Versatile Variants:

    Our range of M80, M90, M100, and M110 variants offers the flexibility to fine-tune an Airsoft weapon’s power output. With a mere 10 meters per second (32.8 feet per second) difference between each variant, you can effortlessly switch between springs to tailor a weapon’s power according to your  tactical needs.


  • Precision Performance:

    Experience the difference in accuracy and power as Malmr AEG Springs provide consistent and reliable power output. This enables you to hit your targets with unmatched precision.

  • Enhanced Durability:

    With the protective bright zinc coating, our springs are engineered to withstand the rigours of intense gameplay and adverse environmental conditions, ensuring a longer lifespan for your Airsoft weapon.

  • Tailored Power Levels:

    Fine-tune you weapon’s FPS according to their specific requirements. Whether they’re engaged in close-quarters combat or long-range engagements, Malmr AEG Springs empower them with the versatility to adapt swiftly and effectively.

  • Simplified Tuning:

    Say goodbye to guesswork, As we all know the FPS of an airsoft weapon is dependent on many factors, for example, the piston seal, nozzle seal, hop adjustment and barrel length can all make a difference to performance. Therefore an M100 spring may give you 109 meters per second (MPS) in a weapon with good air seals or 91 meters per second in a rifle with poor air seals. What you can rely on is that if a Malmr M100 spring gives you 109MPS then a M110 will give you 119MPS. Thus taking the guesswork out of tuning a weapon.

Elevate your customer’s gameplay, enhance their accuracy, and fine-tune their power levels with Malmr AEG Springs. Discover the next level of Airsoft performance for your customers today!

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