PPS Komora Hop-up for L96 Fits MB01, 04, 05 and APS2

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Hop-Up chamber for the L96 type replicas. Fits MB01, 04, 05 and APS2

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This hop-up unit was made from a solid piece of brass and is engineered to provide superior performance in Airsoft sniper rifles of the L 96 type. Please note that depending on the type, age or model of rifle some gunsmithing may be required i.e. shimming or sanding. Fits MB01, 04, 05 and APS2

1 x Hop-up Chamber

  • Made of: metal
  • Weight: 80g
  • Manufacturer: PPS/ SHS
  • Designed for the L96 type replicas
  • Manufacturer: PPS Airsoft