Rockets Platinum Series BIO 0.28g BBs – 1kg

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Rockets Platinum Series BIO 0.28g BBs 

The idea behind the creation of Rockets™ Platinum Series™ was the manufacture of the highest quality airsoft BBs. New Rockets™ Platinum Series™ is intended to be especially used with precision barrels.

Thanks to a special manufacturing process and post-process, Rockets are characteristic for their very tight cone of fire, range and repeatability of consecutive shots. A fully-controlled manufacturing process guarantees ideal BB rotundness without visible seams or cavities. The lack of air pockets inside the BB and good weight balance allow for very high repeatability of shots. Their ideally smooth, double-polished surface, excellent rotundness and low tolerance for size deviations optimize their cooperation with Hop-Up systems.

It is commonly known that inappropriate dimensioning and too high tolerance to size deviation negatively influence the precision and repeatability of shots. As a result, Rockets™ Platinum Series™ are manufactured in Taiwan during a highly advanced technological process that guarantees ideal BB size at a level of 5.96 mm with tolerance being only +/- 0.01 mm.

Rockets™ Platinum Series™ allow achieving the highest possible precision and range of fired shots, at the same time drastically reducing the risk of jamming. This causes Rockets™ Platinum Series™ to be especially recommended for snipers and sharpshooters – particularly those using replicas with precision barrels and having high muzzle velocity.

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