Sabre MPA Defence Industries Custom AEG Rifle

£364.99 inc VAT

The Sabre is an AEG which is designed to perform in a multi-role environment.

Upgrades are as follows:-

  • Aster trigger unit
  • Quantum trigger
  • re-shimmed
  • Tight bore barrel
  • CNC hop unit
  • Matched hop rubber and nub
  • 40 x 100 silencer.
  • Optimised for 0.3g BB’s


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The Sabre uses the Specna Arms SA-C08 as its base and is an AEG designed to perform in a multi-role environment, short enough for CQB, with a tight bore barrel and CNC hop to give it outrageous range and accuracy. The silencer not only reduces the sound output but also gives it a black op’s look, this rifle would be at home in any special forces unit.

The rifle benefits from an Aster programable trigger which has no physical contacts but uses light to sense the trigger position. A matched hop nub and rubber are fitted to give the ability to tune the shot flight to your specific needs.

Every Sabre is quality control inspected, and tested for range and shot variance prior to being passed for sale.

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