SAPI M Ballistic Insert Replica

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SAPI M Ballistic Insert Replica

M size SAPI ballistic plate replicas made for tactical vests made of durable plastic. 

Styled to match real Small Arms Protective Inserts and designed to fit most Airsoft plate carrier vests, with approximate dimensions of 32.5 x 25.3 x 1.9cm. The set only includes a single plate, so if you need a plate for the front and the rear of your carrier you will need to order two.

Dummy Ballistic Plates are perfect for any plate carrier that likes to crumple up and can elevate your look in terms of realism. The idea behind polymer dummy plates is that they allow a replica plate carrier to keep an authentic shape without the burden of weighted or real SAPI armour plates.

An additional perk is that any hits to your plate will be far less painful but still give off a nice loud “thwack” so you know you’ve been hit.

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