Specna Arms 0.43g Ultimate Heavy Bio BBs – 1000 Pcs

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Specna Arms 0.43g Ultimate Heavy Bio BBs give exceptional performance over great ranges when used with Sniper rifles and DMR’s.

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These high-quality precision BBs are manufactured by Specna Arms in Taiwan. Thanks to a special manufacturing process ultimate BBs give a very tight group of shots on target. Precision polished to a high finish and coated with a special layer that reduces barrel friction these BBs are capable of accurate repeatable shots over long distances.

You can’t get away from the fact that putting plastic into the natural environment is no longer acceptable and Airsoft as a sport has to move with the times. These Biodegradable BBs break down to leave no harmful residue. They perform in every way the same as plastic BBs, there is no longer any excuse not to go Bio.

The tightly controlled manufacturing process guarantees perfectly round BBs without cavities. The diameter of the BBs is 5.95 mm (+/- 0.005 mm) and the difference in weight between BBs does not exceed 0.01 g this consistency of weight is critical when you are shooting targets at greater distances allowing for consistent shots on target. These BBs are suitable for all barrels but reach their peak performance in tight bore barrels.
If you want to take your sniping to the next level these are the BBs you need, Specna Arms ultimate BBs represent the pinnacle of sniper BB technology.

1 x Packet of BBs


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