Specna Arms Bluetooth Chronograph

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Specna Arms Bluetooth Chronograph

A mobile Specna Arms Bluetooth chronograph enables a precise BB muzzle velocity measurement. The casing was made from strong polymer. Low weight and compact size allow for taking the device in the field – for instance, for testing of a replica, a CQB arena or airsoft game in the woods. The chronograph features a standard photographic 1/4” thread, which allows it to be mounted on an adjustable bipod included in the set.

Specna Arms Bluetooth chronograph features an integrated, clear LCD display powered by an integrated 400 mAh battery, charged with a Micro USB cable included in the set.

Specna Arms chronograph is equipped with a Bluetooth 2.0 module that enables connecting the device with a dedicated mobile phone app. The app allows to quickly and comfortably operate the functions of the chronograph with a phone. QR Code, necessary to download the app, is located on the box, in the manual and on the casing of the device.  The application supports Android 4.3 version and newer or iOS 8.0 or newer.

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– Precise measurement of BB’s muzzle velocity, rate of fire, and projectile energy
– Bluetooth 2.0 communication with a dedicated phone app
– LCD display
– dedicated bipod included in the set
– polymer casing
– integrated 400mAh battery
– can be used in temperatures from -10°C to 42°C
– adjustable automatic power off time

Measurement Range:

– Projectile energy: 0 – 999 J
– Range for 1 meter: 0 – 800 m
– BB weight: 0.01 – 20 g
– BB diameter: 0.01 – 20 mm

The set includes:

– chronograph
– adjustable bipod
– Micro-USB cable
– User’s manual