Specna Arms MTU-Fire™ V2 Tracer -Black

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The Specna Arms MTU-Fire™ V2 Tracer is the ultimate Airsoft accessory, combining intense LED illumination, realistic muzzle flash imitation, and rapid-fire capabilities. Elevate your gameplay with this sleek and durable tracer unit. Get yours today and light up the battlefield!

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Introducing the Specna Arms MTU-Fire™ V2 Tracer – Black, the ultimate must-have accessory for Airsoft players looking to elevate their game to the next level. This compact silencer isn’t just your run-of-the-mill attachment; it’s a game-changer in the world of Airsoft, designed to immerse you in the thrill of battle like never before. Say goodbye to ordinary skirmishes and step into a world of intense LED illumination and jaw-dropping muzzle flash imitation. Here’s what makes the MTU-Fire™ V2 Tracer the undisputed choice for Airsoft enthusiasts:

Silencer Features:

  • BB Exposure to Intense LED Light:

    The MTU-Fire™ V2 Tracer boasts a cutting-edge design that exposes your BBs to intense LED light, ensuring your shots light up the battlefield like never before.

  • Muzzle Flash Imitation Function:

    Experience the thrill of every shot as the forward-facing LEDs create a realistic muzzle flash, adding an immersive touch to your Airsoft games.

  • Internal UV LED Diodes (5W):

    Precision-engineered with internal UV LED diodes, this tracer unit guarantees consistent performance and exceptional illumination.

  • Perfect Exposure for Rapid Fire:

    With the ability to keep up with a fire rate of up to 35 BBs per second, you’ll never miss a beat on the field.

  • Built-in Lithium Battery with Charge Indicator:

    Stay in the game longer with the built-in lithium battery, complete with a handy charge indicator to keep you informed about your power levels.

  • Quick Charge Function:

    Need a quick power boost? The Quick Charge function ensures that just 5 minutes of charging is enough to expose approximately 1000 shots.

  • Energy-Saving Function:

    Worried about conserving power during downtime? The MTU-Fire™ V2 Tracer automatically powers off after 40 minutes of inactivity, saving your battery for when you need it most.

  • Automatic Standby Mode:

    No need to fumble with buttons; this tracer unit enters standby mode after just 5 minutes of non-use, so you’re always ready for action.

  • Designed for Green Tracer BBs:

    Specifically crafted for use with green tracer BBs, ensuring optimal performance and a visually stunning experience.

The V2 Version Offers Even More:

  • Double-Sided Backlight: Enjoy enhanced illumination of your BBs with the double-sided backlight feature, making your shots impossible to miss.
  • Durable Plastic Cylinder: The illumination system is securely sealed within a rugged plastic cylinder, ensuring long-lasting durability even in the most intense battles.
  • Aluminium Silencer Body: With a sleek design that mimics a multi-functional firearm muzzle device, this aluminium silencer body adds style and substance to your Airsoft setup.
  • 14mm CCW Thread: The 14mm CCW thread ensures compatibility with a wide range of Airsoft rifles, making installation a breeze.

What’s in the Box:

  • Tracer unit
  • Micro-USB cable
  • User manual

Don’t settle for ordinary; upgrade your Airsoft game with the Specna Arms MTU-Fire™ V2 Tracer. Illuminate the battlefield, intimidate your opponents, and dominate the competition. Get ready for an immersive, action-packed experience like no other.