Specna Arms MTU Silencer – Mini Tracer Unit

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Specna Arms introduces the MTU ™ – Mini Tracer Unit, a compact sound suppressor equipped with a Tracer BB  Exposure System. The device is made of high-quality aluminium and plastic. As standard, the silencer has an 11mm CW thread (for pistol replicas), but thanks to the included 14mm CCW adapter, it can be successfully mounted on long replicas of rifles or submachine guns.

The silencer is equipped with a built-in battery charger with a micro-USB cable (included) through the socket under the front part’s nut. The imaging device, powered by a built-in battery, emits radiation inside the silencer, which allows you to instantly create the photoluminescence effect in tracer balls. Thanks to this, the projectile emits light appropriate for its type when it leaves the muffler outlet.

The battery life is approx. 20,000 BBs. The silencer supports exposure with a rate of fire of 35 BBs / s.

The unit has an energy-saving mode. It starts automatically after  40  minutes when the unit is not used.