Specna Arms SA-C12 CORE HAL ETU

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The Specna Arms SA-C12 CORE™ with HAL ETU Carbine Replica offers advanced trigger control, precision shooting, and customisable options. This lightweight, durable replica ensures high performance and adaptability for all Airsoft players.

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Specna Arms SA-C12 CORE™ with HAL ETU Carbine Replica

Introducing the Specna Arms SA-C12 CORE™ with HAL ETU Carbine Replica, designed for the ultimate Airsoft experience. This advanced replica features the HAL (Hybrid Airsoft Logic) system, providing enhanced control and performance for Airsoft players of all levels. Elevate your gameplay with this meticulously crafted replica, combining innovative technology and high-quality materials.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • HAL™ System Features:
    • Trigger sensing based on magnetic sensors and Hal effect
    • Active brake for enhanced control
    • Binary trigger for rapid response
    • Adjustable trigger sensitivity with 5 levels (20% to 100%)
    • Adjustable pre-cocking with 6 levels
    • Programmable AUTO fire modes: full auto, semi, 3-rd burst, 5-rd burst
    • Programmable SEMI fire modes: semi, binary, AUG, sniper
    • Easy programming via trigger
    • Low battery alarm
    • Compatible with brushless motors
  • Superior Construction:
    • Lightweight, durable body made from nylon fibre-reinforced polymer plastic
    • Metal components including barrel, flame suppressor, reloading handle, and tactical sling assembly
    • Fibreglass reinforcement for added durability
    • No play between the lower and upper parts, ensuring a solid build
  • Quick-Change Spring System (ESA™):
    • Easy and quick power adjustment without specialised tools
    • Allows for minimal downtime when adjusting the mainspring
    • Ensures ideal balance between fire effectiveness and safety
  • High-Performance Gearbox:
    • 8-millimetre slide bearings with supported steel gears
    • Four anti-reverse pawls for system security
    • Lightweight polycarbonate plastic piston with full steel bar
    • Compatible with M140 springs
  • Precision Shooting:
    • Rotary Hop-Up chamber for optimal performance
    • High-quality 6.03mm precision barrel
    • Improved range and accuracy with high-quality 6mm ammunition
  • Customisation and Flexibility:
    • 22mm dorsal RIS rail for accessories
    • Adjustable buttstock with non-slip footplate
    • Extendable buttstock for personalised length adjustment
    • Standard flame silencer with 14mm left-hand thread for sound silencer attachment
  • Included Accessories:
    • Hi-cap S-MAG magazine with a 380-round capacity
    • Distinctive Specna Arms logo texture for improved grip
    • QC certificate, instruction manual, and M90 additional spring

Package Includes:

  • S-MAG Hi-Cap Magazine
  • QC Certificate
  • Instruction Manual
  • Replica
  • M90 Additional Spring

Package Excludes:

  • Battery
  • Charger

With the Specna Arms SA-C12 CORE™ with HAL ETU Carbine Replica, you’ll be equipped for any Airsoft scenario. Its advanced features and robust construction make it a reliable choice for both indoor and outdoor operations.

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Please note we still reserve the right to contact you for further proof should we need it. We reserve the right to refuse/cancel orders we feel may not be compliant with UK law.

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