“The Privateer” Specna Arms SA-E19 Custom Built by MPA Defence Industries

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“The Privateer” Specna Arms M4 Custom Build by MPA Defence Industries

The Sabre is a heavily customised Daniel Défense MK18 SA-E19 EDGE. The Saber has improved trigger response and greater accuracy than the original rifle, it is also quieter.

The following is a list of improvements:-

  1. A stainless steel tight bore barrel which improves BB stability and range.
  2. A CNC hop unit which provides more consistent pressure on the BB. This enhances accuracy.
  3. Upgraded hop rubber and nub to increase range and repeatability of shots on target.
  4. Fitted with an Aster V2 trigger unit manufactured by Gate. The Aster unit can be connected to a PC or smartphone to program its functions and review diagnostic data. ( USB and Bluetooth adaptors are sold separately)
  5. Fitted with a Quantum Trigger which is produced on CNC machines from billet aluminium. Quantum Trigger allows you to benefit from a totally new way of trigger detection. Instead of detecting the shadow of the trigger moving past the sensor, the trigger provides a uniquely shaped reflective surface so the sensor can precisely detect the position of the trigger. The shape and surface of the Quantum Trigger is unique and specifically designed to work with the ASTER V2 sensor. This allows for more sensitivity levels when programming the trigger functions.
  6. The gear box is shimmed to reduce noise and wear.
  7. A suppressor has been added to further reduce the noise of the rifle.
  8. The addition of a high quality theta optics sight finishes the look of the rifle and means it is ready for action out of the box. (Just add a battery)


The replica was manufactured in cooperation with EMG Arms brand. The carbine has engraved licensed markings of Daniel Defense® – a firearms manufacturer from the USA, which since 2002 specializes in providing various variants of the AR15 and accessories, also on special requests by USSOCOM.

Every element of the replica had been made and fitted with the utmost care for every detail. In addition, the body features a Nano Coating finish that prevents scratches. The body also bears individual serial number further authenticated by an additional hologram as well as a double-sided tactical sling swivel.

SA-E19 carbine replica is equipped with an RIS 22 mm handguard. The barrel features a standard muzzle device on a 14 mm CCW thread. The top of the replica features flip-up iron sights. Both the muzzle device and the flip up iron sights are provide in the box.

The replica features an ESA™ Quick Spring Change System. Due to that system, it is possible to rapidly and quickly adapt the power of the replica to the conditions expected on the playing field without the necessity to have the access to a workshop or a set of special tools – all that is required is to remove the stock tube in order to gain access to the spring so that it can be removed without having to pull out or disassemble the gearbox.

The heart of the replica consists of the ORION gearbox based on a reinforced frame and equipped with the function of the main spring release. The replica features an array of high-grade parts right out of the box, which makes it characteristic for its reliability and preparedness for further tuning. ORION gearbox is ready for cooperation with M140 springs. Inside, there are elements such as:

– reinforced polymer piston with a full, steel jaw
– aluminium, air-sealed nozzle
– aluminium, double air-sealed cylinder head
– aluminium, double air-sealed piston head with bearings
– bearing-mounted spring guide
– set of steel gears
– 8 mm ball bearings

The box, apart from the replica, includes

  • Two Mid-Cap S-magazines
  • Theta optics Spider Red Dot Sight Replica
  • Airsoft engineering “Stay 100 meters back” Covert Tactical PRO 40x100mm silencer

The set does not include a battery or a charger.