Tornado F1 High Torque gen.2 Motor

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  • Generation 2
  • Strengthened
  • Purpose: M16 / M4, MP5, G3, P90
  • Weight: 190g
  • Type: long
  • Producer: Tornado

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The second-generation Tornado motors raise the bar for motors on the airsoft tuning scene. They have significantly improved efficiency, both in terms of rotation speed and rotational power. Precise workmanship increases their resistance to overload and damage, they will meet the needs of even the most demanding tuning. Gen.2 motors are also energy saving, they will consume much less electricity compared to the previous generation.

These motors with increased torque are dedicated to power tuning. Ball bearings are mounted on both ends of the motor shaft to increase durability. The neodymium magnets have been used to allow the use of M170 springs. With such strong mainsprings, it is recommended to use batteries with increased current efficiency. An additional advantage of this motor is the aluminium spigot, which increases the strength of the structure and increases resistance to high temperatures.

The LONG version fits replicas of the following types:
– M16 / M4,
– MP5 (excluding MP5K and MP5PDW),
– G3,
– P90.

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