Vorsk V6 Performance GBB Fuel (Gas)

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V6 – Standard formulation – The Go-to GBB Fuel

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VORSK have further developed their range of consumable airsoft products with their own range of airsoft gas. As the team behind the fastest growing GBB Airsoft brand, the VORSK designers know a thing or two about gas airflow mechanics & performance. Born from a desire to fine-tune their replicas with their own in-house formulation for improved shot consistency and gas efficiency, they have worked with leading Airsoft Gas manufacturers to produce their own GBB Fuel – the V6, V8 & V12. At its heart, VORSK Gas is a propane-based mix with Silicone lubricants & treatment additives, formulated at a ratio designed to give you enhanced FPS & recoil. The silicone and further additives provide protection to the GBB platform to maintain its performance shot after shot.