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This chronograph is a tool for measuring muzzle velocity it is made with precision, enclosed in a durable polymer casing and equipped with an array of highly sensitive sensors, which guarantees an accurate measurement.

The chronograph can be used to measure a BB’s muzzle velocity. It features an in-built database containing a list of measurements of popular BBs, including their diameters and weight, which significantly speeds up the readout process.

The chronograph displays the result as a list of readings: the energy of a bullet, muzzle velocity of the bullet and in the case of conducting a measurement using continuous fire, the frequency of fire as rounds per second (RPS). 

The control panel with an LCD display is located on a rotating arm, which allows for setting it up in an optimal position. Additionally, the display can be easily detached from the measurement chain.  

Simple and intuitive in use. It is equipped with a mount that allows for tripod attachment (not included in the set) for comfortable use. It is powered by 2 AA and 2 AAA batteries (not included in the set).

The tool is a must-have for any maintenance employee, handy for any airsoft team.


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